Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use My Debit Card or Pay in Cash for Local Security Deposit

Most rental companies require the lead driver to have a major credit card for the local secuity deposit. If you do not have a credit card some car rental companies will accept the secuity deposit in cash or via a Debit Card. This information is held in the supplier "Terms & Conditions" link which is available to view in the screen that shows the car rates (please make an enquiry to see). Please click on the link and check under heading "Documents Required to Pickup Cars".

What is Collision Damage Waiver (CDW), Excess and Excess Reimbursement

CDW is included in the price we quote but depending on the package that you have selected you may be liable for an Excess. The Excess amount is the amount that you the renter will be liable for in case of damage to the vehicle or if the vehicle is stolen. Some of our suppliers offer packages with Zero Excess, to see if this supplier offers Zero Excess please check under heading What's Included at the beginning of this "Terms & Conditions" document for that supplier available during the quote/booking process.

If an Excess does apply you may purchase an Excess Reimbursement policy which covers your excess on damage to the rental vehicle, excess on theft of the rental vehicle and damage to windows/glass, tyres/wheels, the undercarriage and the roof. If you purchase this policy, then decline the car rental company's own excess cover at the counter when the car is collected.

If the car is damaged or stolen, the car rental company will charge your credit card and you then claim for full reimbursement on your policy. An option to purchase this additional insurance will be available from within your FASTCarhire account and we advise to purchase this after the rental has been confirmed with the supplier.

How the Booking process works?

Select the Country and enter the information you are prompted for, on completion you will receive a quote email. If this is your first enquiry the system will also generate a user account from which you can administer your booking ( make payment, view booking status, amend booking, cancel booking, print off copy of your prepaid voucher AND Contact Us). The login details are supplied in the booking enquiry email.

How Do I request infant and child seats and what are the costs?

You may request during the initial enquiry stage. The cost is dependant upon location and is held in the country specific "important information" document. To view this document select the appropriate country from our home page and following the important information link.

Do you charge for amendments to my booking?

No charges for amendments.

When should I expect to receive the pre-paid voucher?

The vouchers are normally emailed within 3 days of receiving your booking and payment.

I should have received my voucher by now.

If you have been notified that your voucher has been issued and you have still have not received, siimply Contact Us.

I've lost my car voucher! What do I do now?

please Contact Us. We will confirm receipt and a new voucher will be issued within 24 Hours.

What documentation will I need on collection of car?

On collection of your vehicle you will need to produce the prepaid rental voucher, A full valid driver's licence and a major credit card in the name of the lead driver. If you do not have a credit card some car rental companies will accept a refundable depoist in cash or via a Debit Card. This information is held in the supplier "important information document" which is available to view during the quote process please click on the link and check under heading "Documents Required to Pickup Cars".

What happens if I break down or have an accident?

If you breakdown or have an accident you need to immediately contact the rental location listed on your voucher for either a replacement vehicle or authorisation for repairs. In the event of an accident, write down as many details as you can remember, exchange contact details with anyone else involved (don't forget to give the other driver the car hire companies details) and get any witnesses contact details if you can. Draw a picture of the accident scene showing the position of vehicles and any relevant features of the area/roadside, i.e. lampposts etc. Don't forget that in the event of an accident it is a legal requirement to inform the local Police either straight away or within 24 hours depending on the applicable countries law (even if no one has been hurt), and you will need to obtain a signed police report. Make sure you keep copies of all your rental documents (and the police report), as you will need these if an insurance company is involved with a claim, either against you or on your behalf. It's best to do this anyway in case there is any sort of dispute.

If I drop my car off early - will I get a partial refund?

Sorry! Even if you bring your car back earlier than expected you will not be due any refund on the rental fee.

What happens if I drop my car off late?

You will be charged an extra days rental if you are late bringing your car back. This is payable locally in local currency and possibly there will be additional taxes.

Will I get the make and model of the car that I have requested?

This will depend on availability at the time of your arrival. We cannot guarantee the exact make and model, however, the car hire company will provide a similar make and model, or will upgrade you at no extra cost if a similar sized car is not available for you when you arrive. If the vehicle supplied is unsatisfactory, you need to request a replacement from the car hire supplier at the time of collection. You should also inform customer services on your return. BOOK EARLY!

If my flight is late arriving at the airport will the staff wait?

It is important that you enter your flight number when booking your car. If you have given us a valid flight number and your flight is confirmed to still be arriving, an office will normally wait for you if the delay is reasonable. They would not wait if they normally close at 8pm and your flight was being delayed until 4am, for example, but you would be able to collect your car on the following day.