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Monaco Car Rental - Need to Know

Depot Selection - When searching for your vehicle, choose the Monte Carlo and Monaco options first, as the train station may not have cars available.

Who We Use - Europcar, Sixt and Thrifty our the main companies we have negotiated discounted rates with, so you can book knowing your have getting quality cars, insurance and service.

When in Moncao

Weather:- Monaco mainly enjoys the warm Mediterranean climate all year round. However, mild winters may also occur from time to time. Winters are also the time when it gets a little rainy. The summers are dry and warm in Monaco, making it the perfect place for a beach vacation any time of the year.

Currency:- Monaco uses the Euros as its currency.

Location:- Monaco is a part of Western Europe and is located on the French Riviera. France borders Monaco on its three sides. Its remaining side touches the Mediterranean Sea.

The People:- The people with pure Monaco blood and heritage are called Monegasques. They also speak their own language, which is a fine blend of Italian and French.

Exports from Monaco - Not noted for exports and is mainly a tourism spot and tax haven. The products they are mostly export are related to cosmetics.

Tourism - The perfect climate in Monaco makes it the ideal place for a beach retreat. But more than that, tourists are mostly attracted by the huge casinos and gambling sites of the country.

Resorts - One of the best hotels or resorts to visit and stay at in Monaco would be the Monte Carlo Bay Hotel and Resort, Hotel de Paris, and Hotel Hermitage.

Beaches Mountains - Visiting Monaco gives you access to the best beaches in the world. For one, the Monte Carlo beach area is rather famous. As for mountains, the Mont Agel is the most photographed summit in the city, which sits right on the borders to France.

Lake - Fontvieille is the largest lake and Saint Jean is the longest flowing body of water.

Industry - The main industry is tourism and gambling. Monaco is where you can find the best casinos in the world.

History - Monaco has been under the French rule since the French Revolution. However, they gained sovereignty in 1861, via the Franco-Monegasque Treaty. From 1910 to date, Monaco is ruled by a Prince. Right now, Monaco is recognised as a city state with its own sovereignty, a political status similar to that enjoyed by the Vatican.

Famous People - The famous people from Monaco are usually part of the royal family, mainly Prince Albert II and Princesa Carolina de Monaco. Other celebrities that are popular Monegasques are Charlotte Casiraghi, a writer and a magazine editor, Michael Dota, president of the Monaco F1 Grand Prix, and Daniel Elena, a celebrated F1 racer.

Topography and Geography - Monaco is the second smallest country in the world, despite being densely populated. The largest peak is the Mont Agel. The whole of Monaco is considered an urban zone. The agriculture industry is non-existent in the country and the only natural resources it has are the fish in its waters.

Towns & Cities - Monaco used to be composed of municipalities until these municipalities are made wards. The three municipalities of Monaco are called Monte Carlo, La Condamine, and Monaco. Right now, the municipalities are made divided into different wards and these are the Monaco-vile, Saint Michael, La Condamine, and Fontvieille, among others.

Did you Know - Monaco is tagged as a tax haven? It is the only place in the whole world where paying personal income tax is not enforced. As such, Monaco became the place of refugee for wealthy residents from European countries, whose income is derived outside of the country.

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Great range of vehicles available to drive around the Grand Prix circuit (within the speed limit!). Choose from cars like BMW3 and Mercedes SLK convertibles, or the more economical Chevrolet Spark. Bigger vehicles to seat more people, maximum of seven, are also bookable.

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Mr Chris Johnson
Reviewed: 22 October 2014
Rented Toyota Vigo Pickup in: Bangkok

Overall Experience : Thank you for your prompt response. Service excellent as usual. Deposit now paid.
Supplier Service:
Mr JOHN Nicholls
Reviewed: 9 October 2014
Rented Honda City/Toyota Vios in: Bangkok

Overall Experience : Hi Many thanks. I must say that your service is second to none when it comes to vehicle hire in Thailand. The website is very good also. JN
Supplier Service:
Mr Delay Jerome
Reviewed: 8 September 2014
Rented CT in:

Overall Experience : Good
Supplier Service: Great !!
Car: Clean modern
Mr Moirez Eric
Reviewed: 8 September 2014
Rented CT in:

Overall Experience : Good
Supplier Service: Great !!
Car: clean and modern
Mr Malcolm Thornton
Reviewed: 3 September 2014
Rented CXMR Toyota Vigo Pickup in: Chiang Mai

Overall Experience : I've received the voucher, thanks.
Supplier Service: I've contacted Budget re delivery time.
Mr Ford Adrian
Reviewed: 15 August 2014
Rented CT in:

Overall Experience : Swift response and good pricing compared to other comparator websites at the time
Supplier Service: Downside -long queue at the Terminal 5 pick up point for Avis/Budget - well over an hour before I got served - too long, with only 1 person serving
Car: Car was good - upgrade to what I booked and very new. Clean inside but dirty on the outside.
Mr Freestone David
Reviewed: 14 August 2014
Rented CT in:

Overall Experience : Good
Supplier Service: Very Good
Car: Good
Mr Cass Mark
Reviewed: 13 August 2014
Rented CT in:

Overall Experience : No problems what so ever, excellent company
Supplier Service: Spot on
Car: Brand new
Mr SHAUN Miles
Reviewed: 13 August 2014
Rented FFAR Toyota Vigo Double Cab 4WD in: Udon Thani Airport

Overall Experience : Fast response, quick confirmation.
Supplier Service: Best Hire car staff I have came across, got free upgrade and free early pick up and late drop off for accepting the upgrade..excellent.
Car: New Honda CVR, 5 star motor
Mr Edwin Jordan Ronald
Reviewed: 13 August 2014
Rented CT in:

Overall Experience : Good overall but was concerned that i might have to deposit £1200,but this was wavered.
Supplier Service: Very helpfully staff
Car: Clean and just what we wanted We were offered an upgrade
Mr Ronald Thompson
Reviewed: 5 August 2014
Rented Fortuner/Trailblazer in: Bangkok Intl Airport Suvarnabhumi

Overall Experience : Initial car and service was not upto standard, but after emailing FastCarHire, they had Herts sortit out
Supplier Service: Thanks for your help. Hertz brought a new Isuzu to replace the Fortuna to my house in Pattaya a couple of days ago.
Car: 2nd one in very good condition. 1st car not so good
Mr Donald Bowler
Reviewed: 2 August 2014
Rented EDMR Seat Ibiza in: Madeira Funchal

Overall Experience : We would not consider using one of the main car hire companies, as their fraudulent ways are well known. Roadavente are excellent, and Fasst Car are good, once you work out how the website works.
Supplier Service: We have used Rodavente, who are just down the road from our Hotel, Reid's Palace, for over 10 times now. We always get them to deliver to/collect from the hotel. Their fuel policy is leave as much in as you received, which is the best. We always pay cash and have super CDW. We have only ever had one problem, a shredded tyre, which wasn't Roadavente's fault (although the low profiler tyres didn't help), they fixed it very quickly with a replacement car. We always have a Fiesta size, you don't want anything bigger. If you asre reading this, you have probably already decided on hiring a car, but if you aren't sure, it is worth iot, as so many places to explore, which you won't see/find if you take taxis.
Car: Always very clean, make sure you specify Air Conditioning.
Mr Michael Eaton
Reviewed: 30 July 2014
Rented FFAR Toyota Vigo Double Cab 4WD in: Phuket

Overall Experience : Great, have used Fastcarhire many times and will continue to do so.
Supplier Service: On time for delivery and collection, everything made very easy.
Car: Quite new.
Mr Lawrence Marshall
Reviewed: 30 July 2014
Rented Honda City/Toyota Vios in: Bangkok

Overall Experience : good
Supplier Service: Hertz need to look at themselves, they delivered the car with a flat spare tyre. The staff were inexperienced and as I said timeliness was not their strong point.
Car: The quality of the car was only FAIR model was correct but older, but this one did at least have front air bags. AS I said flat spare tyre on delivery, lots of marks on car 70000km, showing wear.
Reviewed: 21 July 2014
Rented CT in:

Supplier Service:
Reviewed: 21 July 2014
Rented MVMR Toyota Hiace 1 in: Chiang Mai

Overall Experience : good prices, cheaper with good services. Pick up at hôtel Chiang Mai and comeback on airport ok.
Supplier Service: very good staff, friendly and efficient
Car: good car (mini bus commuter) no problems...
Mr Jesper Kristensen
Reviewed: 16 July 2014
Rented Civic/Altis in: Bangkok Intl Airport Suvarnabhumi

Overall Experience : Nothing bad to said here :-) Good price, fast process eg replies.
Supplier Service: Friendly staff. Have rented from them several times and never had any problems.
Car: Good.
Mrs Kristina Petulante
Reviewed: 7 July 2014
Rented Ford Fiesta in: Lisbon Portela Airport

Overall Experience : great. all went well.
Supplier Service: pleasant, helpful staff.
Car: clean, new, correct model
Mr Ernie Van buggenhout
Reviewed: 5 July 2014
Rented EDAR City/Jazz/Vios in: Sukothai Airport

Overall Experience : Very good.
Supplier Service: Forget to bring car had to make telephone call and wait 30 minutes. Staff was ok.
Car: Very good car. Model was correct and car was clean.
Mr Wong Hop po
Reviewed: 2 July 2014
Rented Toyota Ventury auto in: Phuket Airport

Overall Experience : efficient process
Supplier Service: good
Car: good